What to Expect

What to Expect

When you first come in for an appointment at our clinics, we will have some basic paperwork for you to fill out. You can download those forms here to get a head start:


Your Insurance Coverage

Your well-being is our primary concern. We strive to provide optimal treatment and encourage patients to call us with questions regarding care or insurance coverage and benefits. We accept most insurances and are happy to help you gain a clearer understanding of your coverage and our claim procedures.

As a courtesy, we verify coverage with your insurer (note: verification is not a guarantee of payment). We strongly advise you to contact your insurance company to verify the details of copays or coinsurance and to ask about limitations your insurance plan has. We will directly bill your insurance company for services we render and bill you for any remaining charges as determined by your insurance. Some common insurance requirements and limitations include:

  • A referral is required from a physician in order to schedule an initial visit.

  • Copay required by the patient (even a small copay like $5 or $10 per visit can add up so we ask that you take care of them at the time of service).

  • Therapy visit limits per calendar/plan year.

  • Pre-authorization (your insurance might require this before you begin therapy).

  • Deductible (example: if your annual deductible is $500, you’d be responsible for the first $500 of medical charges before coverage kicks in).

  • Coinsurance (for example, your insurance may cover 80% of physical therapy charges, and you’d cover the remaining 20%).

“What if my insurance payments are delayed or denied?”

We do our best to work with your insurance and you to resolve any billing problems. If re-billed or appealed claims remain denied by your insurance company, we’ll expect payment from the patient or responsible party. We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx, and health savings plans. If you are unable to pay your balance in full, please talk with us—we will work with you on a payment schedule that is manageable for you.